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Puerto Rico: Cultural Celebrations

One of the things people love about visiting Puerto Rico is the chance to see and/or participate in the many cultural festivals held throughout the year. The festivals held for the various patron saints tend to be the biggest and most interesting.

So if you have a chance to see one of these festivals you are definately in for a pleasant surprise. These festivals are one of the best ways to experience the local culture. You will see the people, taste the food and drink, listen to the music, participate in games and watch the religious processions.

Each region or town has their own official patron saint, and the celebrations associated with these saints vary from town to town. These festivals are fascinating for many reasons, one of which relates to the various cultural influences that helped to make the celebrations what they are today. You will find an interesting mix of Indian, African and Spanish cultures in these festivals.

If you are in San Juan during the El Dia de San Juan Bautistata you will witness one of the most interesting festivals on the island. At the stroke of midnight you will find literally thousands of people lining the beaches who then walk backwards into the ocean. This ritual is done seven times and it is done to ensure good luck for the upcoming year.

You will also enjoy visiting Puerto Rico during Danza week. This week of festivities is full of events that celebrate the rich culture and history of danza and danza music. Danza was originally a past time of the wealthy, but today all levels of society take part.

During the month of November the International Film Festival is hosted in Puerto Rico. More than 100 films are presented each year, and industry people and fans from around the world come to participate in the Film Festival.

The above are just a few of the many different celebrations and festivals held in Puerto Rico each year.

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